Glutamate Excitotoxicity Kills Brain Cells

We're working on drugs that will help eliminate Excitotoxicity

Excess free glutamate in the brain causes “Excitotoxicity” which kills brain cells. 

Excitotoxicity is a serious underlying condition in Brain Cancer, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Closed Head Injury and Stroke.


MetVital has developed a patented small molecule “AEO” that binds up glutamate in the bloodstream.

This causes a molecular imbalance, forcing the brain to excrete glutamate across the blood-brain barrier, and lower free brain glutamate.  The lower glutamate levels protect the brain from excitotoxicity without causing side-effects in animal models.

MetVital is conducting clinical trials to develop AEO as a potential drug for variety of brain conditions.


Alan Cash

Alan Cash serves as CEO and founder at MetVital, Inc.  A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Cash has gained recognition and awards from the White House, INC 500 business, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Deloitte and Touche Technology Fast 50 and Top 100 Hotfirm.  He has invented and brokered technology to major firms including Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI), Vivendi, and has substantial experience dealing with US Federal regulatory agencies that have provided oversight for his work at the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Mr Cash provided the initial research into oxaloacetate and it’s stabilization, using the compound as a calorie restriction mimetic.  He has partnered with both academia and government to move this research forward, working with UCSD, UCLA, University of Kansas, Pennington Biomedical Laboratory, and the National Institute on Aging (part of the NIH). This same science is being examined for a variety of human diseases. Mr. Cash has an MS in physics from the University of Oklahoma. 

David Conway

David Conway oversees clinical trials at MetVital, Inc.  Mr Conway has over 25 years of professional experience in the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, and Medical Diagnostic industry. This includes experience in clinical research, development, and clinical operations. Mr Conway’s experience includes direct managerial responsibility for Clinical and Medical Operations Departments in US and Europe with direct responsibility for clinical studies, project management of US and European clinical studies, management of clinical research personnel, and direct hands-on experience in the writing of IBs, protocols, CRF’s, statistical analysis plans, Clinical Study Reports, IND’s, BLA’s/NDA’s, Type B and C Meeting Briefing Books, pre IDEs, and CE Mark applications. Mr Conway has directed coordination of large multi-national pivotal clinical studies that have led to the approval of several novel drugs, drug applications and diagnostic devices. This includes HYQVIA, MabThera SC, Herceptin SC, Anzemet®, Infergen®, NGAL CE Mark, and Nutre-Store L-Glutamine® Mr Conway has a BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University, MS Pharm. from University of Missouri-Kansas City and MT(ASCP) from The Trinity Lutheran Hospital in Kansas City, MO. He is also an invited speaker to numerous industry conferences on a wide range of topics dealing with clinical and medical operations.